1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Robeson County Public Library is proud to present:
“1000 Books Before Kindergarten!”

books read before Kindergarten!

What is “1000 Books Before Kindergarten?

1000 Books Before Kindergarten is an early literacy program that encourages families to read together at home. Being read to in early childhood is one of the easiest and most reliable predictors for later success in school.  Reading early also helps to build vocabulary as well as skills that will prepare a child for Kindergarten.  Even better, it helps to promote a lifelong love of books and reading.


The goal of the program is, as the name suggests, to have your child read or listen to 1000 books (repeats count!) before they enter Kindergarten!  


Who can participate?


Any child from newborn to age five, who has not started Kindergarten.  


Families are welcome and encouraged to enroll all eligible children.


How does it work?


It’s simple!  


First!  Register your child(ren) in person or online using READsquared. If they already have a READsquared account, you can just add the program to their account. 


Second!  Read with the child and track every book. Participants can receive a paper log from the library or use a digital log on READsquared. 


  • Every book counts! It doesn’t have to be a library book! Any book, anywhere.
  • Repeats count! No matter how many times they read the same story!
  • Library storytimes count too!  Stop by and join in the fun!
  • Books read at pre-school or in day-care count as well!
  • More than one child?  Everyone listening can log the book.



Third: Check in at every 100 books milestone for a trip to the treasure box! Read 500 books and receive a bigger prize and an even more special prize at 1000 books!


Finally:  Enjoy yourselves!  Reading together is an amazing bonding opportunity!  Don’t forget silly voices!


1000 Books!?! That’s a lot, how long do we have?

We’ve got great news!  This program is entirely self-paced.  Take as much time as you need as long as you hit that thousand before their first day of Kindergarten.  However, we do suggest a pace of at least one book a day.


If you read one book a day for a year, that’s 365 books.


If you read three books a day for a year, that’s 1095 books!


How do we claim our prizes?


Once your child hits a milestone, stop by your local library branch and claim their loot!  You must have a completed log with you or know their READsquared login information.